Benefits of Quitting Smoking

There are many benefits of quitting smoking habit. Quitting smoking will ensure a better quality of life and health. Cigarette smoking has been proven to be a silent killer that can be prevented. Even if it does not kill you, it will always have harmful effects on your health and wellbeing. It is not easy to quit smoking, but it does bring with it amply amount of rewards. It is highly sensible decision to quit smoking addiction and open yourself to a healthy and happy life.

Following are some of the prominent quit smoking benefits:

Better sexual performance

There will be good improvement in the blood flow of the body by stopping smoking which in-turn will improve sensitivity and sexual performance in men. Women will be easily aroused by improving their orgasms. Comparatively, the non-smokers will appeal to the opposite sex three times more than the smokers.

Fertility improvement

One of the most important stop smoking benefits is imporvement in fertility for both men and women. Pregnancy is easier in case of non-smokers. Men's sperm become more potent and the lining of the womb in case of women will be improved by quitting smoking. The possibility of conceiving through IVF will be increased while the miscarriage is decreased. Mostly there will be a chance of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Skin looks younger

Usually we observe lined complexion in smokers who often smoke. The skin of non-smokers gain more nutrients, oxygen and can reverse the sallow so that the appearance of wrinkles and facial ageing will be delayed by stopping smoking

To keep teeth white

You can maintain stainless teeth by giving up smoking which contains tobacco. The smokers suffer with gum disease and even lose their teeth prematurely.

For better breathe

One of the major quit smoking benefit is improved lung capacity and better breathing. Lung capacity can be improved by 10% within nine months of stopping smoking so that people can breathe easily and that too with less cough. The effect of smoking on lung capacity cannot be noticed until a person goes for a run. However the lung capacity decreases with the increase of age.

To lead long life

Out of 100 smokers who smoke for a long period of time 50% of them face their death early due to smoking related diseases which may even include heart problem, chronic bronchitis and cancer. Suppose a person who stops smoking at the age of 30 may add more 10yrs to his leading life. Likewise who quit at 60 add 3years to their life. In other sense it means to say that quitting smoking not only increases the life span of a person but increase the possibility to lead disease-free life.

Reduction in Stress Level

Studies show that after quitting smoking, person's stress level reduces. Addiction to nicotine makes smokers stressed while they do not smoke. The feeling which satisfies you during smoking is only temporary and does not cure for stress.

Improvement in smell and taste

You will get an improvement in smell and taste once you quit smoking. And your body gradually get recovered from hundreds of toxic chemicals which found in cigarettes.

More energetic

The overall circulation improves within 2 to 12 weeks of quitting smoke. The resistance power of the immune system improves by quitting smoking, which leads to easier physical activities including day to day walking, jogging etc.

Good for passive smokers

By quitting smoking you can also protect the health of people around you. Why because the health of the people around you also will be affected due to your smoking habit.

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